Guangzhou leader beuaty leather co.,ltd.
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Welcome to Guangzhou leader beauty leather co.,ltd.We're a professional export manufacturer,
Which is specialized in making evening bags,beaded bags,traveling bags and promotional bags.
With several years produce history, our company has a powerful team of technicians and as well
as skilled equipment operation capability. We are proud of having been enjoyed a group of worldwide
importers which mainly come from Europe, Japan, America,etc.
We take serious and good attributes on each order from the beginning of sample production to the
final completed items. We are confident what we provide you will be satisfied with your requests and
strict standards.
Our customers' designs are always welcome. We expect for establishing a long-term business co-operation with bag industry from the worldwide. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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地   址:广东广州白云区西槎路聚源街50号凯翔大厦A座2樓A215室 (510440)