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社会保险 周末双休 8小时工作制



规模: 50-200人


Guangzhou ChangRong Bags Manufacture Co.,Ltd is a Manufacturer which Production and sales integration, specializing in the production of canvas bags, briefcases, canvas aprons and so on. Our company adhere to the "customer oriented" service concept, the " Quality is our lifeline " and "product quality deponds on personality character" as the concept of enterprise quality,” Institutionalize , process optimization, standardization, Automatization System” is our enterprise management model,” Meticulosity, high speed, Firm commitment” is our working style, “We’ll find a way to solve every difficult! Never give up! Never lose faith in customers!” is our work saying. over the years, deponds on Strict production management and excellent quality control, we win a high admiration and is widely trusted at home and abroad by our customers, our products are exported to all over the world,especially to Europe,America and Southeast Asia. Now our company would enlarge the corporation, we welcome people to join our company, realizes own value andmake your dream come true , double win together with the company. Corporate Culture: The company is a happy family with a group of young people who have their idea, ambition and love of handbag industry. The people average age of company is 25 years old. Companies adhering to the people-oriented idea, USES the humanized management, full development space for employees, fair competition position, the company has specialized training for new employees. The responsibility of Foreigh trade salesman: 1. The development and maintenance of foreign trade business, effective use of Alibaba platform provided by the company, developing, tracking and maintaining of customers from home and abroad, including the acceptance of inquiries, reply inquiries and customer tracking, etc.. 2. The use of network platform and maintenance,such as B2B network platform, you should managewell your own Alibaba account, including upload product information, update and management your products , etc.. 3. You need to contact clients, quote for them, talk with them about the cooperation and make a contract, warmly receive our customers. 4. Through the telephone, e-mail, exhibition, website and other channels, to know the market situation and customers’ need,then develop customers and promote the purpose of sales. Job qualification: 1. Good spoken english, can meet customer by yourself. 2. Familiar with international trade procedures and know how to use Alibaba platform,Or more than one year experience in foreign trade. 3. Respect for superiors and colleagues, diligent work with team spirit. 4. Try you best to work actively, active learning, have a sense of responsibility and good professional ethics. 5. If you have one of the above conditions, and will have a long-term development in our company,you’ll be considered. Working hours and people’s benefits: Five and a half days per week, working hours:from 9:00-12:00 am to 13:30-18:00 pm. For employee's health concerning, our company set up the dining room, free of delicious meals, you just need to prepare your own dishes. Once you employed by the company, you shall enjoy the national legal holiday, enjoy 1 time group Tours travel every year; At the same time the company will provide good opportunities for your advancement. If you like Intrigue, indolence and no ambition,don’t intend to work long-term in our company, please don’t send out your resumes, thank you for your cooperation. 广州长荣手袋箱包制品有限公司是集生产与销售于一体的出口型企业,专业生产加工帆布包,公文包,帆布围裙等产品。公司遵循“一切以客户为导向”的服务理念,把“品质生命线”和“产品质量好坏就是人格品行的好坏”作为企业质量观,“制度化、流程化、标准化、系统运行自动化”是我们企业的管理式,“认真、快、坚守承诺”是企业的工作作风,“有困难想办法!不放弃!绝不失信于客户!”是我们的工作名言。多年以来,由于生产管理严谨,品质控制优良,深受国内外客户的信赖,产品远销世界各地,尤以出口欧洲、美洲,东南亚等居多。 现企业不断扩大发展,欢迎有识之士加入我公司, 实现自身价值,成就美好的梦想,同公司一起达到互利共赢的目标. 公司企业文化:公司是由一群有理想,有抱负且热爱手袋箱包行业的年轻人组建的快乐家园,员工平均年龄25周岁。公司一直秉承以人为本的理念、以家的生活观念为企业文化来培养、熏陶和影响长荣员工,长期以来采用人性化的管理方式,给员工充分的发展空间。公司不会有勾心斗角之事,有的只是一片祥和与绿色无障碍的沟通、良好且公平的竞争岗位。公司有专门的负责人进行入职培训。 外贸业务员岗位职责: 1. 外贸业务的开展和维护,有效利用公司提供的阿里巴巴平台,开发、跟踪及维护国内外客户关系,包括询盘的接收、 回复和跟踪处理等。 2. B2B 等网络平台的运用和维护,运用和管理好自己的阿里巴巴账号,包括产品资料的上传, 更新, 管理等。 3. 负责联系客户、编制报价、参与商务谈判,签订合同;业务相关资料的整理和归档,认真热情接待来访客户。 4. 通过电话、邮件、展会、网站等渠道,了解市场及客户需求和开发客户,促成销售目的。 任职资格: 1.良好的英语口语表达能力,有相关对客经验。 2.熟悉外贸流程,了解或操作过阿里操作平台,或有过同等(外贸业务员)工作一年经验亦可。 3.尊重上司和同事,勤奋工作,有团队精神。 4.做事积极,主动学习,有责任心,具备良好的职业道德。 5.具备以上条件之一者,无论是否有行业经验,想在公司长期发展的均可考虑。 工作时间和福利: 公司采取每周5天半工作制,上午9:00--12:00, 下午13:30---18:00。 为了员工的身体健康,公司专门建立食堂,免费提供美味可口的饭菜,只需备好自己的餐具即可。凡经公司面试通过者,一律享有国家法定假期,每年享有1次团体旅游的机会;同时公司提供良好的晋升机会。 PS. 凡喜勾心斗角者、懒散又无理想抱负者、不想长期发展者,请勿投递,谢谢合作! 公司地址:广州市白云区人和镇秀水塘路21号 (邮编:510440)




1. 工作时间:每周5.5天工作制,上午9:00--12:00, 下午13:30---18:30。
2. 凡经公司面试通过者,一律享有国家法定假期。
3. 每年享有1次团体旅游的机会。
4. 每月举行的生日会。
5. 年终尾牙奖金。
6. 良好的晋升机会。
7. 公司包吃两餐。

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